Protein Pod

In House Plant Protein Solution

Create signature plant based proteins that match your brand

Tempeh is a plant based protein that combines two rapidly increasing food trends: fermented foods and plant based protein. Evolving your brand to meet your customer demand for healthy plant based products can now be accomplished in house and can reflect the best of what your food service group has to offer.

Controlled and consistent results every time

The Protein Pod utilizes specially calibrated technology to ensure consistency in every batch. The machine was developed to control the internal temperatures of the machine at all times with precision. The final cycle includes a pasteurization process so you can comfortably store and use your protein over a number of weeks.

Improved taste and nutrition

The Protein Pod produces a product that is noticeably fresher and more flavorful than comparable mass manufactured products. Your customers will benefit from the added nutrition available in your product and the flavor profiles will boost the popularity of menu items created with this innovative approach of creating plant proteins in house.


The Protein Pod was developed for tempeh but can also be used to create other plant ferments like kimchi, yogurt, fresh pickles and more. Make the most out of your purchase by rotating other signature fermented foods through your machine.

Scale your production easily

The commercial Protein Pod can easily be scaled to accomodate larger roduction by introducing additional machines stacked into a tower configuration for portable and easy to use rapid production of tempeh and related products.

“With the Protein Pod, you have the freedom to include your own signature spice blends, make use of specialty ingredients unique to your restaurant and work with a base that is uniquely different than the competitors in your protein blends.”

- Chef Jenny Ross